Choosing The Right Job In The Pharmaceutical Market


Pharmaceutical industry involves manufacturing and distribution of medicines and drugs used to cure, prevent or treat various diseases. This includes prescription drugs, antibiotics, tranquilizers, vitamins, non-prescription medicines, ointments, sprays and many more. Even during the phase of economic slowdown across the globe, the pharmaceutical market worth 70 billion in United States continued to prosper and grow inexorably. It offers great placement opportunity to graduates specially trained to work with medical practitioners and pharmacists. The industry offers great scopes of employment to researchers, biological science or pharmacology graduates and sales oriented professionals.

Most of the companies offer training for the newly recruited staffs. Also the eligibility criteria and educational qualifications vary depending on the type of job you are looking for. Maintenance and production workers need no more than high school qualification and it is same with the technicians since necessary training is arranged by the employers. College graduates, engineers, biomedical scientists are employed at research based positions and/or as laboratory supervisors.

Potential job openings are posted over the web or in newspapers. You might seek assistance of the University job assistance cell to find the right kind of employment in pharmaceutical sector. Career in Pharmaceutical industry would be a rewarding one for a diligent worker and quick-learner.

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